Server hosting doesn’t need to be complicated with poor performance. Utilizing our in-house development team, we designed our own server management and optimization tools to ensure the best performance and while making management easy and simple.

AWN was created out of the necessity for quality game servers, with full featured easy-to-use server management tools. With AWN you no longer have to stress about choppy performance, expensive hosting costs, or overwhelming server configuration files.
Game Servers
The best performing game servers on the market.
Bare Metal Dedicated Servers
The same hardware we use. Custom built for game servers using the highest performing hardware.
Designed for Gamers
We wanted a hosting provider that understood our community, so we launched AWN.
Custom Built Hardware
Bleeding edge hardware built to provide the best performance and price.
Instant Setup
Rapid server deployment as soon as your order is provisioned. No wait, no fuss, no headache.
Real-time Support Discord
Reliable, easy to access support to ensure your concerns are taken care of immediately.
Our Platform
Built for Simplicity.
RCON Control
Manage your servers remotely through our RCON interface.
User Permission System
Restrict access admin permissions for all users in your organization.
Ban List Synchronization
Utilize a single ban list for all of your servers automatically.
Easy Mod Installation
Mod installation is fast and simple with our streamlined mod integration system.
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