Focus on the Game,
not the Server.

Communities of all sizes — from groups of friends to +10,000 member organizations — utilize awn’s state of the art technology and innovative tools to bring the visions of their communities to life. Our simplified hosting process is achieved through premium game server management & community organization tools, minimizing administration time and increasing playtime.

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Admin Panel Features

One-Click Game Server Deploy

A single button click saves you time, and enables rapid flexibility of creating game servers on-demand.

Full Control API

Want to build a custom integration, like a your own Discord Bot? All admin panel functionally is accessible through our REST API.

Easy Management

Now its easier than ever to manage all of your game servers. We are working continuously on our own management tools to make server management as simple as posisble.

Supported Games


Licensed Official Server Provider

Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Exclusive Official Server Provider

ArmA 3

#1 North American Server Box Provider

Post Scriptum

Beyond The Wire

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Ground Branch

Warfare 1944

Coming Soon

Get started right

Pick the server that is right for you provides scalable game server options for content creators, dev studios, or gaming communities, of any size.

Individual Game Servers

The fast and easy way to start hosting our own game server. Our Admin Panel has everything you need to control and manage these individual server instances.

Best for Beginners
Everything as simple as possible to get you started, but we don't remove any capabilities you may want or need later. Our approach is to add our features in-addition to, not in-place of.
Minimal Overhead
Have your server ready to launch with a few clicks & quick configs. With instant setup and pre-installed updates, we've removed everything in the way of you and your server.
No 3rd-Party Tools Required
Extra software not required. We include everything you need to setup and control your server is built-in to our custom admin panel. Including server configs, server updates, mods and dlc.
Semi-Managed w/ Support

Dedicated Server Boxes for Games

Private access to an entire server box's hardware, with zero shared cpu, memory, or storage. This bare-metal access unlocks the maximum performance possible. Instance Manager & Admin Panel
Use all of the same individual Game Server controls through our custom game server management tools, included for free.

- One-Click Game Server Deploy

Quickly spin up game servers onto your private dedicated server box directly through our Admin Panel.

- Full Admin Panel Access

Edit game server configs, manage admin & ban lists, role based permission controls, and more.

- Remote Game Server Start, Stop, & Update

Restart and update your game servers through the admin panel, from your phone or web browser

Full Remote Desktop & Administrator Access

Products we use

We're more than Professionals, We're Players.

The founders of power their own gaming communities with awn, creating a fundamental understanding of your community's needs and establishes direct feedback for making awn best in-class.

Fast Real-Time Support

Utilizing Discord for real-time support handling, our average time-to-response is under 1 hour! Quick issue resolution and support is our highest priority, we keep extra staff at the ready and closely monitor response times and issue support.

Always-On DDOS Protection

We know how detrimental bad actors can be to a gaming community. We work extremely close with the best DDoS solution providers in the industry. Our DDoS Mitigation Filter monitors every packet on our network, immediately filtering attacks without notice.

Custom Built Hardware

Every server, and every box, has been custom designed to's exact specifications to ensure only the best and most performant components are used. Our full hardware control ensures that your servers are never running on low quality wholesale hardware.

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